It’s Official !!!

It’s official !!! The PCT Long-distance Permit has arrived. The adventure begins on April 14th starting at the southern terminus at the Mexican border. I arrive in San Diego on April 11th to pick up some last minute items and do a little sight seeing then will spend the night before the trek at Scout and Frodo’s home, two amazing Trail Angels who have both experienced the magic of the Pacific Crest trail and who want to give back by opening their home every year to countless hikers who are about to embark on the journey of their lives.  Scout and Frodo go out their way to retrieve hikers from the airport, take them into town for last minute supplies, provide a dinner the night before and an early breakfast before shuttling them to the trailhead. They also answer questions and provide insight to those looking for advice from their combined voice of experience. Wonderful people who just want to give back to the Trail. So looking forward to meeting them !!!

4 thoughts on “It’s Official !!!

  1. Best of luck on your journey. What a way to make your transition to the next phase of your life. I’m as anxious and excited as you for your journey to begin


  2. Wow what a great adventure you will have…So cool you are doing what you want to accomplish…Be safe my friend, you rock!!!


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