Day 4 – Mount Laguna

Day 4 – April 17th, 2018
Cibbets Flats (4155′) to
Mount Laguna (5920′)
Mile 32.6 to 42.7


Last night the campsite was serenaded to sleep by a chorus of spring frogs (spring peepers) singing their little hearts out and this morning it was replaced by the songs of blue birds and blue jays with a woodpecker adding a little percussion in the background. Who needs music when you have these wonderful sounds greeting you first thing in the morning.

It was Extremely windy last night and the temperature dropped quickly. When I first set up the tent, I didn’t think it was necessary to stake it down as I was sure that if I placed all my stuff inside, the weight would be sufficient to anchor it down. It wasn’t. The wind continued to blow and one good gust had it rolling like a tumbleweed in the desert. Once the stakes were secured, the tent stayed put but I was surprised the tent didn’t blow over as the velocity of the wind increased through the night. Come morning there was a fine layer of dust over everything as the wind forced fine dirt through the mosquito netting. Oh well, sometimes you just gotta roll with whatever Mother Nature throws, or blows, your way.

As mentioned previously, Cibbets Flats campground is .56 miles off the PCT and although that may not sound far, it is, particularly when it’s downhill and you know your first chore in the morning is to climb back up that same hill. It also seems further after a long day in the shoes.  All the more so if those shoes aren’t fitting right, even after breaking them in for thee solid months.  A funny thing happens to your feet when walking in the desert with a full backpack. They spread out and miraculously grow larger, in a very short period of time. I’ve read about this phenomenon while researching the PCT but I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. But it did and now it’s time to order some new shoes through REI with overnight delivery to Mount Laguna. Let’s hope they fit !!!!!

As the forecast called for the mercury to rise during the day, its important to add electrolytes to your water to replenish minerals the body loses during sustained exercise and activity. It’s always easier to break camp with your water pre-mixed before you hit the trail. It also makes for a colourful picture.


As I walked up and out of the campsite and climbed higher into the hills, the terrain reminded me of the opening sequence of the old MASH television series when the theme music is playing, the helicopters are coming in for a landing with the injured on board and the staff are rushing towards the landing zone. I wouldn’t be surprised if they filmed that sequence somewhere around here.

Another thing that struck me today was the beautiful coloured pieces of quartz and granite found along the trail; pure whites, deep reds and burgundy, different shades of green, purples and blues. I will try to capture some of these beautiful stones as I continue walking .

As you enter Mount Laguna you are greeted with an incredible pine forest and on this sunny day, it seemed like the warmth of the sun had activated a fresh, clean and pure aroma of pine throughout the forest. Mother Natures original air freshener. Often imitated, never duplicated.

On arriving at the Mount Laguna Lodge and general store there were a number of hikers sitting out front celebrating another successful day on the PCT with a cool and refreshing beverage.



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