Day 6 – Weather Warning !!!!

Day 6th – April 19th

Mount Laguna – Another Zero


When I awoke in the morning, I opened the curtain to check on the weather. Damm, the weatherman was right. The tree tops were blowing violently and the sleet was coming down in sheets, sideways. As much as I disliked what I saw through the window, I knew having to see Tom at the General Store was going to be even more distasteful. There’s just some people in life who you hate having to say ” you were right ” because you know exactly what the response will be. Oh well, maybe another “rest day” in Mount Laguna wouldn’t be the worse thing and in fact, would probably be helpful. If you’re going to have to take a rest day, you’re actually better off doing it in a one horse town where there are few distractions, particularly if it requires walking, and in this case, even the horse left town due to boredom, so rest should come easy. Once I showered and did a little foot care, I hobbled over to the store to reserve the room for another night. It was time to face the music. And I wasn’t disappointed. Seated behind the counter was my new buddy Tom. And he had that big Cheshire Cat grin on his face as soon as he saw me. I said “Good Morning Tom” with all the cheerfulness I could muster and he didn’t even respond. His smile just grew bigger. He knew what was coming.  I said ” you know it hurts me to say this”. He could hardly contain himself. His smile grew so big, his beedy little eyes grew into slits. I said “You were right, I’m gonna need that room for another night”. He let out a yelp and said ” I knew it !!!! I told you so !!!! ” . Exactly the words I didn’t want to hear and exactly what I knew he was going to say. We both laughed. Tom’s actually a great guy and I think we both took pleasure in poking each other. It’s a good thing I didn’t wait much longer as there was a line of hikers waiting on the front porch for rooms as they had camped in the State Park down the road during the onslaught of the storm and weren’t interested in spending another night facing the elements. Once the room was paid for and a few other supplies were purchased, it was time to hobble back down to the Pinehouse Cafe for breakfast. Every other hiker in the area must have had the same idea as it was standing room only.


After breakfast, there wasn’t much else to do so I hobbled back up the road in my flip flops, this time wearing socks because of the cold, to my cozy but warm room. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, reading and massaging my slowly recovering feet. Maybe another day off wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all.

7 thoughts on “Day 6 – Weather Warning !!!!

  1. Hey Kirk

    I have been attempting to follow you but just got this post today?? not sure if you are a less prolific writer now or just a big time lag? Hang in there! Looking forward to July and I got Caleb reminded of you needing a bit of support in Tahoe City. I would like to say ‘wish I was doing it with you’, but I won’t .


  2. Hope you enjoyed the day off Kirk. In my past adventure, some of the un-planned days off, they turned into verry good days in their own way. Keep on living the dream buddy 🙂


  3. Hey Kirk! I’m a little behind in my reading… did you take up full time residency in the Mount Laguna Lodge or did you press on? California has expensive property taxes. Don’t stay in one place too long! Wishing you the best and would love to join you at some point along the way! Stay safe out there!



  4. Just wanted to drop a note of support on your adventure of a life time. Hope all is going well now that your feet are on the mend. Glad to see that your spirits are still high.


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