Time to catch up !!!


Hello everyone. It’s been so long since I last wrote that I thought I should write a quick update. It seems that by the time I find a suitable place to camp at the end of each day, I barely have enough energy to cook dinner and make camp. Hiking for eight, ten and often twelve-plus hours a day takes a lot of energy. Add the desert heat and big climbs, even dinner takes a back seat to sleep at times. Having said that, I have been maintaining a daily log in my iNotes which captures the day, start and stop mileages and a brief description of the day including any highlights, of which there have been many. As I find the time, and a decent cel signal, I will upload my notes and photo’s.


The hike is going very well. I am currently sitting in a laundromat in the small town of Ridgecrest, Ca.   We left the trail at Walker Pass, mileage 652 and came into town last night for our weekly resupply of food. Town visits are usually filled with chores like restocking food, laundry and post office visits to ship or receive parcels. ” Going to Town” also provides an opportunity to have a well deserved and much needed shower, sleep in a real bed and enjoy a good restaraunt meal. I actually don’t mind trail food and have become pretty adept at making creative meals. One of my favourite dishes is ramen noodles combined with a Knorr rice package, tuna or salmon, a big spoonful of peanut butter and sarachi sauce. Try it. It’s nutritious and delicious !!!!!!


We ( my current trail Family) will be back on the trail later this afternoon and get a few miles in before dark. We are all anxious and excited about getting to Kennedy Meadows (mile 705) which is the official end of the desert section and beginning of the Sierra’s !!!. A major milestone in every nobo thru hikers adventure.


Thank you for joining me and your continued support.

Best Wishes and Safe travels.

Kirk( aka Capt’n)




4 thoughts on “Time to catch up !!!

  1. It was so great meeting you last night at the hotel. The three of us will be following your blog and rooting you on!! Keep kicking ass.



  2. Capt’n Kirk you your voyage agrees with you… looking good and in top shape. We had a misty rain day here in St-Hubert with an evening t-storm. I assume the wet weather will hit you further north.T-boomers while inside a tent..yikes.


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